About Brave Browser and Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Brave browser is a collaboration between the co-founder of Mozilla and creator of Javascript where they created a truly remarkable browsing experience. Ad blocker, tracking blocker, fingerprinting protection, and a host of other features make the Brave browser a truly wonderful tool.

While we have valued the analytical data collected by your visit to improve features and functions on the site, we personally agree with the right to block this tracking even if it is to our own detriment. In addition to the removal of our existing advertiser network we will be supporting the Brave browser in place of these ads. Please consider the benefits of the Brave browser as it will be replacing a part of our business model that relies on you visiting our advertisers, and instead will allow you to collect Basic Attention Tokens just from visiting your favorite sites with Brave ads enabled.

The Basic Attention Token system allows for you the user, to earn tokens from viewing Brave ads while blocking other ads... that's right, you will literally be compensated to visit sites that support Brave. Your BAT tokens will be deposited to the in browser wallet which you can then chose to distribute to your favorite publishers and content creators to reward them for their services.

This is a very large step for the future of browser and blockchain technology, and we invite you to join this evolution. Brave browser is available for all operating systems, Android, and Apple devices.

Download Brave browser now and support our site and content creators with your BAT tokens.